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Greeting cards allow us to communicate in an intimate way. Though they are widely used for personal purposes such as sending warm greets during special occasions, they also have the potential to be a good marketing material. Through personalized greeting cards, you give people a sense of warmth and sincerity. Thus, sending these to your clients will not only help breed brand loyalty but will also help create a brand image that is professional but still customer-friendly.

In order to make your prints enticing and effective, make sure to choose the right printing company that delivers the services you need. We at Printrunner are more than willing to help you achieve just that. Through our design tool and other options, you can add a personal touch to your business greeting cards.

Customize your prints by having the chance to choose if they’re going to be flat or folded. We also allow you to put your personal stamp by letting you create your greeting card design with the help of our online design tool. Also, Printrunner offers many envelope options. You can choose among green, red, classic crest or the classic white blank envelopes.

Make your marketing strategy effective by choosing the right printing partner. By entrusting your greeting cards printing with us, you’re sure to achieve impressive results.


  1. Available in 3 sizes
  2. Scored for perfect folding
  3. Print on inside & outside

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